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When I find something that I really like, I love sharing it with everyone. I recently got the iPhone and adore it so I’ve been having fun changing the cases on it to match my outfit, my handbag and my mood.

I’m a huge fan of Cellairis’ phone cases and own a couple of them and so was thrilled to review the entire Elle & Blair Winter Collection. I think they are adorable and have really enjoyed using them as I go about my daily routine, especially because lots of people I know and even those I don’t want to know where I get my cell phone cases. Online, I’ve gotten lots of comments and tweets on this collection. They’re certainly addictive!

I’m currently using the Winter Glow Topaz case and I love how shimmery it is and how girlie I feel when I use it. It’s gone with me everywhere, from my post-holiday shopping sprees to the doctor’s office. I have also raved about the Zebra Amethyst case and now am loving the Zebra Rouge case this season. I think anyone who, like me, is attracted to glitz and sparkle will really love these rhinestone covers. For the record, many people ask me how the rhinestones are doing, and all of mine are just fine!

Tons of people have asked about the leather cases. These are the ones my friends have been snatching up all season. My favorite is in Vanilla and Gold but they come in black with gold or silver and red with gold hardware, too. I think these covers are a great mixture of style and function. They’re gorgeous without being super fragile—a huge plus.

The printed cases have festive little snowflakes, sparkles, or snowmen on them and are perfect for work and I have gotten lots of compliments from lots of different people in my department. My mom even texted to tell me that she really likes the “I believe in magic” case. What I like about these cases is that I feel like I can drop my phone (which happens more often than I’d like to say!) and it will stay protected and I won’t ruin my case, either.

I have truly enjoyed being able to switch out my cases to suit my needs and mood everyday. I firmly believe that fashion is in the details and a cute and unique cell phone cover is a simple but fun way to express yourself and let our wonderful personality shine!

-Erin Rene

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