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Hey everyone! I just got the winter collection of Cellairis by Elle & Blair  phone cases and they are amazing! You can’t help but feel the holiday spirit while having cases like that! Being able to change my case so it can match my outfit is so much fun! I change it every day and I love the fact that I have so many different colors and styles to pick from!

I love matching my background to the case I have for the day, too. I dress for my mood and my phone cases are picked according to my mood, as well. It is fun and just fits perfectly if the background matches, too. Recently, I’ve been trying to match my case to my nail polish. If you are like me, your phone is in your hands 24/7 and it looks so much better if your nail polish matches your phone case, doesn’t it?

It is crazy to find out how many people have seen my videos and ask me about the cases. I have people come up to me every day at school to see which case I have that day. Everyone loves the cases and they always ask me where to get them from! One of my friends even got the Whimsical Edge case!

It’s always so much fun to plan my outfits. I usually plan my outfit and then I pick a cell phone case to match. Sometimes, however, if I haven’t used a case in a while or since I just got the holiday collection, I do the opposite and I pick the case first and then an outfit. Just like when adding a necklace or a belt, I love how just by adding a case my outfit changes and my look feels complete. I love how unique and beautiful all the cases are and a day doesn’t go by when they aren’t noticed!

Annie George

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