Tips for College Freshmen

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It seems like just yesterday we were diving headfirst into summer. Now here we are getting ready to go back to school! Time flies.

Some of you may be preparing to grind out another year of high school, and others may be counting down the days to get back to college with all of your friends. If you are an upcoming college freshman, you may be having mixed feelings of anxiety and excitement. College will be the greatest years of your life if you make it that way!

Here are some insider tips on how to prepare for your freshman year and make it the best it can be!

On meeting new people:

You’re going to meet hundreds of new people the very moment you step onto campus. It will be overwhelming, but take advantage of this! The friends you make in these 4 years may be with you for the rest of your life, and some you might meet on your very first day!

  • As lame as it may seem sometimes, go to any freshman orientation activities that the school offers. Tons of people go that are in the same boat as you! If the school has any student organization fairs, attend those as well. You can meet people who have similar interests as you and get involved on campus.
  • If you’re living in a dorm or any type of student housing, leave your door open! (But only while you are there, you don’t want to invite any thieves in.) This allows people to drop by and introduce themselves to you.
  • Check out the gym. It’s not only a watering hole for students to meet, but it’s how you can prevent the Freshman 15!

On academics:

Remember why you’re there! It’s easy to get caught up in the new lifestyle of college and neglect your studies. There is a lot more room for distractions in college, so be sure to prioritize and keep up with your academics.

  • Go to class! Sure, sometimes you may be out late and nothing would feel better than sleeping right through that 8:00 am class. But you won’t be feeling the same way if you are actually sick at the end of the semester and you’ve run out of absences! This is a fast track to a GPA drop which can be very difficult to recover from.
  • Take advantage of the resources your school offers. Many universities offer FREE tutoring and most professors have office hours for students to drop in if they need help! It can be as simple as an hour of your time and you can easily get assistance with anything you’re struggling with.


On budgeting:

If you saved money from your summer job, we applaud you. If you have any left at the end of the semester, tell us your secrets! Students tend to highly underestimate the expenditures that come with living on your own.

  • Rent or buy used textbooks! Even if your textbook is a little more worn, you will be surprised at the amount you can save by ordering a used book or simply renting it for the semester.
  • Research online for scholarships. Even if it’s $100 here or there, scholarships can add up and they are everywhere! You can put them towards tuition, or even use some as pocket money for the semester.
  • Watch your spending money when you go out. If you’re going out on the town, take out a certain amount of cash and don’t let yourself spend anymore. If you’re staying local, leave your credit card behind so you don’t talk yourself into big purchases.
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Remember to enjoy yourself. College is a new and exciting experience that can teach you a lot about your self and other people.

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