#TweetPunisher Is Alive: Can You Break An iPhone With Your Tweet?

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The Shell Shock: G Class™, Cellairis’ most advanced screen protector, is being put through the ultimate test: The Tweet Punisher. Tweet Punisher is the first analog machine enabling consumers to live-test a product via social media. The device itself is crafted from a 1940’s typewriter with keys intricately wired to type out the characters of any tweet posted with the designated hashtag, #TweetPunisher.

Find out how much the Shell Shock: G Class™ can take as this twisted typewriter hammers away 140 characters at a time. Every 100th tweet wins a free Shell Shock: G Class™ screen protector, and if your tweet breaks the screen, you’ll win an additional $100.

Don’t just blind tweet; watch the #TweetPunisher in action via a live video feed on the Cellairis Facebook page.

Tweeting for a prize? Send a tweet to @Cellairis and include #TweetPunisher during the contest period (13.23.12-11.20.12).  Every 100th contest tweet will win a Shell Shock: G Class™ Front Screen Protector. If your tweet shatters the screen you will also win $100.

Cellairis takes protecting your screen to an entirely new level with the Shell Shock: G Class™. Available for both the front and back of your device, the Shell Shock: G Class™ can withstand more pressure than a regular screen protector while allowing full touch-thru capabilities to the screen. Cinderella had a fairy godmother; you have the Shell Shock: G Class™.

Specs and Features:

  • Withstands significantly more pressure than iPod or iPhone screen protectors
  • Transparent screen repels scratches and shattering from ordinary use
  • Can be used with or without a case
  • Available in front & back combo or individual front screen
  • Bubble-free
  • Self-adhesive
  • Multiple vibrant colors to choose from

Who do you think will prevail, the Tweet Punisher or the Shell Shock: G Class™?

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