The Must-Have Tablet Accessories

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Nowadays, almost everyone owns a tablet. These slim, sleek and oh so savvy machines are the perfect accessory for life on the go.

Mark Saltzman recently detailed in USA Today there are several ways to take your tablet to the next level. In his article, Saltzman laid out the 5 must-have accessories that will help you get the most out of your tablet: a keyboard, projector, additional memory, power, and speakers.

With all the options keyboards offer and the ease of bluetooth connectivity, tablet cases with built-in keyboards can easily give you the same capabilities as a PC or laptop; office on the go!

Projectors provide a quick and easy way to simply watch your favorite movies and videos in a larger format. Saltzman explains that some can even display up to 1080p content from an inserted USB device, SD memory card or HDMI-connected cable box, Blu-ray player, computer or video-game console.

Extra memory is a great way to back up all the photos and videos you have on your tablet. Some options can even back-up your Facebook, Twitter and Flickr photos.

Having a little extra power on-hand to recharge your tablet is great, but the Cobra JumPack doubles to jump start your car too. With a built-in LED light and jumper cables, you will not want to leave home without it.

Saltzman also suggests investing in a compact, bluetooth speaker like the Jabra Soulmate Mini that allows you to easy enhance your listening experience up to 33 feet away from your device.

No matter what accessory peaks your interest, let Cellairis be the trusted-source that keeps your tablet in top-condition. With screen repairs, battery replacements and diagnostic tests, your tablet will run like new again – making any accessory that much better!

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