The Elite 8 of iOS8

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The iOS8 features and enhancements announcement was one of the most anticipated technology releases. Apple was correct when stated, “iOS8 is the biggest iOS release ever and it is the world’s most advanced mobile operating system.”

Amongst several other smaller updates, we present to you “The Elite 8” of iOS8 features. These are Cellairis’ top picks for the best of the best features of iOS8. Here is everything you need to know about the innovations that will pave the way towards your most pleasant and efficient Apple experience yet.

  1. Interactive Notifications– This allows you to respond to those notifications that pop up without physically leaving the app you are currently in. For example, you can be in the middle of a game of Candy Crush and if you receive a text message, you can reply to it without exiting the Candy Crush app. We love this!
  2. Email drafts– Gone are the frustrating days of having to save and exit from your email draft to open another email, then go through the process of pulling the original draft back up. Now with the email drafts update, you can jump from a draft to look at any other email by simply swiping the draft up and down.
  3. iCloud Drive–  iCloud plays a huge factor in this iOS update. The iCloud Drive stores all of your documents into iCloud and makes them accessible to your other Apple devices. It also syncs any changes you make to a document no matter which device you are using. For example, you can start working on a document on your iPad, and continue working on it on your Mac. Great for professionals on the go!
  4. App Extensions– This allows apps to extend their functionality to other apps. Basically meaning your apps can talk to each other. For example, you will now be able to edit your photos in your main Photos app using another app’s editing features. So if you download other photo apps, you can use those editing features within your original Photos app! Your Photos app will keep the original photos and the edited versions as well!
  5. Photos– Photo stream was the first step, but with so many duplicate photos everywhere, it was hard to keep up with. Apple has now eliminated the possibility of you losing your pictures by safely storing them in the iCloud Photo Library- fill your library, not your device. Paired with new editing tools, Photos gives you the ability to edit your photo once and it will automatically save to your library.
  6. Smart Keyboard- The days of humiliating autocorrect are nearly over! iOS8 is now able to predict your next word or phrase even if you are typing in different tones. It can sense if you regularly talk in a casual manner to a certain friend, or if you are looking for more formal diction in an email.
  7. Messages- There are several new additions to Apple’s most used app that will make messaging even more fun and efficient. You can add your voice to a conversation, send a video at the moment something is happening, share your exact location for a specific amount of time, and control group messages. The latter being a long awaited feature. You can now name a group message, leave the conversation, turn on Do Not Disturb to stop receiving message notifications and opt to read through them later. We love group messages, but sometimes that buzzing sound happens a little too often!
  8. Health- It is becoming increasingly difficult to stay healthy and in shape when on the go. The Health app now displays all of your fitness data on one simple dashboard. Keep track of heart rate, calories burned, blood sugar, cholesterol all in one place! All of your health and fitness apps work together just for you!

Which iOS8 feature are you most looking forward to?

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