Tablet Sales, Prepare for Takeoff

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Tablet sales have taken off in unforeseen ways, making the device on of the most trendsetting technologies to date. It seems like almost everyone owns a tablet in some shape or brand. While this technology is a popular advancement, no one could have predicted just how popular they would be.

Brett Molina recently discussed in his USA Today article that tablet shipments are actually expected to surpass that of the personal computers in 2015. “Next year, traditional PCs and ultramobile devices will combine to ship 317 million units, while shipments of tablets will top 320 million,” Molina writes.

It is likely that tablets have taken off in such a way because they are a sleeker, more slim way to travel. Most tablets offer the same capabilities as a PC or laptop, especially with the apps that are free or very inexpensive offering word processing capabilities. This, combined with cases that to offer a stand and a keyboard, makes your tablet almost like a laptop.

While these tablets are expected to lead the pack in the coming year, experts do not believe this trend to last. With phablets emerging onto the scene, the trends are expected to shift again. Because Phablets are in a sense smartphones with larger screens, it is believed that consumers will move to combine their phone and tablet into one device.

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