Second Annual Cumberland Academy Career Day

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March 27th marks the second annual Cumberland Academy career day at Cellairis! We had a great time last year and are so excited to host the students and staff of Cumberland Academy again this year.

Cumberland Academy educates children with a multitude of different learning disabilities and specializes in education for children with autism spectrum disorder. The autism community is very near  to our hearts at Cellairis and we are thrilled to share another career day with the incredible students from Cumberland Academy. Not sure what our career days are all about? Check out a snippet below from last year’s event.

This year, we will host a range of  activities where students get to participate in current projects with Cellairis employees. Throughout the day, students will learn how to repair a smartphone with the help of our trained repair technicians. They will design a phone case along side our in-house creative team. Using Shout!, our custom case builder, the students will be able to print the case they design and learn about the manufacturing process from concept to creation. Before the day is over, students will also have the chance to fill and ship eCommerce orders in our warehouse.

Daniel, a former Cumberland Academy student who attended career day last year, enjoyed the warehouse experience so much that he now works at Cellairis full-time! Earlier this week, we sat down with Daniel and asked him some questions regarding his time at Cumberland Academy and Cellairis.

What was your favorite part about attending Cumberland Academy?

I really liked lunch because it was fun to see everyone and take a break from the day. We were all really good friends. My favorite though was ‘activity lunch’. The explorers, which are the older kids, were able to play with all of our games at lunch. I loved playing my DS.

What did you learn from attending career day last year at Cellairis?

I learned how to repair an iPhone 3 and I still have my certificate from last year! It helped me learn what I wanted to do which was to work at Cellairis.

How do you like working in the Cellairis warehouse?

It’s really good. I really feel like I can speak my mind and be myself. I like the people I work with because I can talk to them.

Is there anything you would like to tell the Cumberland Academy students attending this year’s career day?

In the real world, it’s not all peaches and cream. You aren’t going to have someone watching over you all of the time. You have to make your own choices and hope for the best!

Daniel is looking forward to seeing some of his former classmates and showing them around Cellairis.  Stay tuned for pictures and videos from Cumberland Academy career day 2014.

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