How Do You Protect Your Screen?

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Your screen is one of the most important features of your phone. Make sure it fits your lifestyle!


Are you out in the sun often? Do you work in an office with harsh lighting? The anti-glare screen protector will be your best friend. It will minimize that annoying glare and will also filter out 99% of UV light from reflecting back into your eyes. The anti-glare screen protector is easy to install and will also protect from fingerprints, abrasions and scratches.

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Do you hate when you are in public and you know other people can see what you’re doing on your phone? Keep your private information (and candy crush addiction) private! Your screen is visible when looking straight at your phone but when you look at it from an angle, the screen is dark. It will also defend against fingerprints, abrasions and scratches with its triple layer protection.

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Self Healing

Are you prone to scratching your screen? This screen protector is perfect for you. It is an ultimate film that protects your screen against abrasions and scratches from sharp objects and drops. It protects without compromising the vibrancy of your LCD screen.

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HD Clear

Love a crystal clear, vibrant phone screen? The HD Clear screen protector is just right for you. Not only do you have a clear screen, it also protects from fingerprints, abrasions and scratches.

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