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With summer around the corner, we can’t wait to head out to BBQs and pool parties. But they wouldn’t be complete without a few cool gadgets to go along with them. After all, what’s a party without some tunes and nifty techno-hardware to show off.  Here are a few gadgets perfect for summer, that are also under $100. Real Style is giving away our number 2 gadget, Cellairis Cadence Stereo Bluetooth Headset, so make sure to sign up for the contest.


1. iPod Shuffle, $49

This small, portable mp3 player is perfect to take with you to the beach, for a jog or on a summer road trip. They now come in a variety of colours and at less than $50 are a steal for hours of entertainment.

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2. Cellairis Cadence Stereo Bluetooth Headset, $80

This sleek, modern and comfortable Bluetooth stereo headset offers pristine sound. The lightweight design and wireless features make these the perfect accessory for all your outdoor needs. Sign up for Real Style’s contest and you could win a pair of these just in time for summer!


3.  Life Proof Case, $80

Worried about getting your phone wet when you’re by the pool? The water-, dirt-, snow-, and shockproof Lifeproof Frē Case will put your rests at ease.


4. SoundFreaq Sound Kick, $100

Listen to your tunes outside while you lounge in the sun with these wireless, bluetooth speakers. Completely compatible with pretty much any mobile device and plays for up to seven hours on a single charge.


5. Amazon Kindle, $69

There’s nothing quite like reading outside but it can be hard to keep a book open while you’re sipping your icy cold drink. The Kindle solves that by being the original e-book and letting you hold your beverage and your book with ease.

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