Protection From The Madness

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Picture this: You’ve printed out your NCAA Basketball Tournament bracket.  You’ve got your pencil in hand (because let’s be honest, you will probably change a few picks before you turn it in so using a pen would be an epic fail).

You are decked out in your team colors and apparel.

You are so excited for the ‘Big Dance’ when suddenly you look down at your phone sitting there, ever so lonely…and bare…and naked…and case-less!

Shame on you for forgetting to protect your phone from the madness.  Your best bet? D’ up with the new Cellairis NCAA 3D Illusion iPhone 4/4S cases.

This way, whether your team makes the tournament or not, gets knocked out after the first round, or makes it all the way to the Final Four, your phone is protected from the madness. So, let the bragging begin because now you can become the ultimate fan.

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