Prom 2014

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High school prom- a magical night to remember.

Prom is filled with gorgeous dresses, well-dressed dates, fancy limo rides, and a red carpet to boot; it is the night that makes you feel utterly glamorous! Year after year trends change. Some trends go out of style for 20 years and then make a come back! Some trends may not even make it on the racks two years in a row. But there is one trend that is here to stay: sparkles!

Besides the prom ticket, what is the one thing that a girl is going to carry in her cute little clutch? Her phone! Feel like Cinderella all the way down to your phone with DeBari. With several styles and colors to match your gown this year, you can techcessorize in style.

Check out this group of beautiful girls headed off to prom in style!


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