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By now you are probably well into the the groove of either college classes, the kids going back to school, or settling into the new fall season. With this often comes comfort and flow, both of which are great. But sometimes even the individuals who have the best intentions of staying organized all year long tend to fall behind. Fear not, we have organization tips to get you back (and help you stay) on track no matter what stage of life you are in!

For the College Student

-Student planner: This is a backpack necessity. Take that thing everywhere. Write down assignments and exam dates as they come up. When your professor hands you a syllabus at the beginning of the quarter or semester, make notes in your planner that remind you about important dates, such as midterms or big project due dates.

-Folders and binders: Inside your backpack or at your desk, dedicate a folder for each class. Put the handouts, diagrams and assignment papers in the folders as you get them, so they don’t have a chance to “disappear” on you. If you want to keep all of the folders in one place, put them in a three-ring binder to keep with your notes.  (*extra tip: Try writing your notes down instead of a computer when you can. It will help keep you focused instead of getting distracted on the internet!)

-Large desk calendar: This is great because it allows you to write your most important dates on it! This includes: school events, sorority/fraternity functions, and major test dates. Color-coding is also extremely helpful! For example, highlight social events in blue and school dates in yellow.


For the Mom-On-The-Go

-Color-coded calendar: Similar to our color coding above for college students, this is key for moms on the go! Post a calendar on the fridge and dedicate a color to each kid. Just one kid? Color code the activities! Placing this calendar in an area you see each morning will help you stay on top of the weeks ahead.

-Hanging shoe organizer: If you have little girls, you know that you have hair bows everywhere! A great way to keep these organized and in one place is to get a hanging shoe organizer. Hang this in the bathroom or your daughter’s room! This will create easy access to the cutest bows when it’s time to get ready for school in the mornings and keep them from being strewn across the house.

-Recipe binder: Running around all day, taking the kids from activity to activity does not leave a lot of creative time for recipe searching and executing. Set a side a day or so month and research different recipes (Pinterest is one of our favorite sources). Print them out and store them all in binder. Putting the recipes in vinyl pages will keep the pages protected, especially if something splashes on them. Even use tab dividers to section them off between breakfast, lunch dinner, side and dessert.

For the Professional

-Daily to-do list: Attack each day with a plan. Every morning when you come in, write down a to-do list for yourself. It can be as high-level or as detailed as you want! Place a box next to each line item and once you’ve completed it, simply check it off.

-Clean your workspace: It is easy to get overwhelmed when your workspace is a little overcrowded. If you get this feeling, take a few minutes and straighten up your desk. De-clutter and wash out that nasty coffee mug. Also, organize your computer desktop weekly! We are all culprits of throwing files on our desktops without putting them in the correct folders. Make a habit of organizing and cleaning up your desktop one day a week.

-Digitize: For all of you frequent business travelers, after a trip away, take all of your receipts and scan them in as digital documents. This will keep you from having to keep up with every little piece of paper in order to be reimbursed. Dedicate a file to each trip and store them there! This will keep you organized and make life so much easier. Accounting will also appreciate it!

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