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These days, it seems like we are all looking to optimize our phones and tablets. We also want to ensure that our phones and tablets are protected from cracking the screen if we do drop our device. After all, we spent enough money on these products, they should run at their best! From the latest apps to the hottest new accessories, the market has an endless supply of device-enhancing and screen protection products.

But what about simply enhancing your battery life? USA Today recently did a question and answer session with their readers where they answered the commonly asked topic of how to extend the battery life of your mobile devices.

Turning off some of your apps is a commonly suggested fix to reduce the amount of battery needed to fuel your device. But as USA Today explains, turning off each individual app is not actually the best way to preserve your battery life. This is because turning them back on requires more power than just leaving them on.

One of the quick and easy fixes to reduce the amount of battery your phone or tablet uses is to lower the screen brightness. This still allows you to see what you are doing on your device, but at a much lower power level.

Lastly, you can invest in a third-party battery saver app. This will help to monitor your battery use and the apps that require the most power. There are free options as well; try  Battery Doctor.

When all else fails and your battery just will not stay charged, come to Cellairis! Our certified technicians can quickly and easily replace your existing battery with a new, state of the art battery that will hold a charge. You can finally leave your charger behind and use your phone and tablet the way they were intended – wirelessly!

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