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As we wrap up the weekend, I wanted to share a peek into some of my favorite items that I’m carrying around in my bag.  I like to be prepared since I’m on the go from morning to night, so my Boohoo tote stays stocked with my favorites to keep me going throughout the day!  Keep reading to see what’s in my bag!

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Boohoo tote – I recently picked up this tote bag from Boohoo and it has quickly become my go-to tote to carry around my essentials.  I originally thought it would be covered in studs but its actually a textured leather which makes it even more interesting and very lightweight.

Bkr bottle – I’m always carrying around a water bottle (I drink 100 oz a day!) and this glass and silicone bottle from Bkr is the perfect size and keeps my water crisp and cold, just the way I like it.

Gigi New York clutch – When I’m going from day to night, I like being able to swap out my larger bag for a clutch for dinner or drinks…love this emerald green with the tassel!

Dolce & Gabbana – When it comes to sunglasses–the darker, the better!  I’m all about these Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses for that extra touch of cool.

Jurate – This is my bracelet du jour–loving the gold cuff with the stone spike!

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JCrew earrings – Move over statement necklaces, its all about the earrings!  These sparklers from JCrew are a favorite which I like to keep on hand for spicing up my look as I head out for the night.  Major bling factor going on here!

Simplers Botanicals – After a sweaty gym or SoulCycle session, I give my skin a spritz of Simplers Botanicals rose water for a refreshing dose of moisture thats naturally gentle and soothing.  And…it smells like an amazing, fresh garden.

Simple Squares – I like to have something to munch on in my bag in case I’m too busy to grab breakfast or lunch, but I want it to be healthy.  If something green and fresh isn’t available, its a lifesaver to have a Simple Square in my bag.  These little squares are no nonsense with only organic nuts, honey, vanilla, sea salt, and herbs!

Venus Snap – Post gym sessions require outfit changes and having the teeny tiny Venus Snap in my bag is a compact way to ensure smoothness when I’m switching from sweaty spandex to skater skirts.  I love that it comes in a little travel case too and is so compact!

L’Oreal Colour Riche in British Red – The perfect red lip, enough said!

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Josie Maran Magic Marker for Lips and Cheeks – For all day color, I apply this Josie Maran magic marker lip color for a stain that stays put but it also oh so vibrant.

Jo Malone – Okay confession…I love going to Bloomingdales and picking up samples of the Jo Malone fragrances, there are just so many!  My current favorite for spring is Orange Blossom!

Racinne – This refreshing facial moisturizer uses antioxidant-rich grape stem cells to help protect skin from harmful free radicals. Vitamins and amino acids promote healthy cell growth and protect collagen while keeping glowing and youthful looking skin. Combined with hydrating sodium hyaluronic and natural fruit extracts, this lightweight formula works to deliver serious hydration and protection for beautiful, soft skin.  I dab some under my eyes between meetings for extra moisture.

Altoids Smalls and 5 Gum – Mini Altoid Smalls are small enough but pack a major punch of minty freshness, and the minty flavor of 5 Gum lasts forever!

Moleskin – Even with all of the tech in my social media-obsessed life, I like to write things down on paper.  My Moleskin notebook is where I jot down notes for blog ideas, brand meetings, and keep my to-do lists organized.

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Emi-Jay – I have really thick hair so I need hair ties that can keep a strong hold when I’m running on the treadmill or teaching a spin class.  These pretty little things from Emi-Jay keep a tight grip and come in the perfect spring colors.

Essie – Whatever color I’m currently wearing, I need to keep my nail polish with my in my bag in case I get a chip.  Right now I’m digging this lavender shade from Essie called Bond with Whomever.

Cellairis by Elle & Blair – It’s fun to switch up my cell phone case every so often, and my current fav is this kaleidoscope print from Elle & Blair collection from Cellairis!

Oscar Blandi – My 5pm hair revival strategy consists of a couple spritzs of Oscar Blandi dry shampoo and a couple hair flips to work some volume into it.  Its a great way to revitalize a blowout!

Jeweled Flats from Dubai – I’m 100% a heels girl but sometimes I need to swap my heels for flats when I’m running around.  I got these handmade jeweled flats in Dubai during my travels there and they are so pretty.  When I’m not wearing them, I actually keep them on display in my living room.

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Boohoo // 2 bkr // 3 Gigi New York // 4 Dolce & Gabbana // 5 Jurate // 6 JCrew // 7 Simplers Botanicals // 8 Simple Squares // 9 Venus Snap //10 L’Oreal Colour Riche in British Red // 11 Josie Maran //12 Jo Malone // 13 Racinne // 14Altoids Smalls // 15 5 Gum // 16 Moleskin // 17 Emi-Jay // 18 Essie // 19 Cellairis by Elle & Blair // 20 Oscar Blandi // 21Jeweled Flats from Dubai

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