It’s a Date!

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It’s finally summer, which is our favorite date night season! Time to step outside and enjoy the sweet sunshine with your loved one. With so many fun summer date ideas, we have come up with the best ways to embrace summer without emptying your pockets.

Date #1: Plan an adventure day

This can be anywhere from a long hike, to a day at a local waterfall. Plan an adventure that you two have never done before so that you can both experience something new and beautiful together!

*Extra Tip: Don’t forget your phone or camera so you can snap lots of fun pictures together.

Date #2: Go to an outdoor concert

Whether your favorite band is in town or a local band you have never heard of before is playing, listening to live music as the sun goes down is always romantic! Check your local parks to see if they have any free concerts.

*Extra Tip:  Wear layers and bring a blanket for cuddling under the stars on those chilly summer nights!

Date #3: DIY drive-in movie

Drive-in movies have been a classic summertime date for years. But what if you don’t have a drive-in theater nearby? Do it your way! Download a movie to your tablet or computer, drive to your favorite spot, roll the windows down and enjoy! Don’t forget snacks! Make your own popcorn and pack some candy for the movie!

*Extra Tip: Bring a charger for your car so you aren’t left in the dark with a dead battery!

And the most important tip: Have fun!

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  1. January 20, 2014 at 11:25 am
    Lisbeth Barry says:

    i think an adventure trip is really cool, its something that we dont usually do.i should try it..thank you for the tips.

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