Review: iPhone Cases For The Man In Your Life

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If your significant other is as accident-prone as mine, you will appreciate my latest review of iPhone cases for the man in your life. Durable yet stylish, we certainly gave all three a run for their money and I am so excited to share my thoughts about these with you here.

The special guy in my life has a knack for wrecking each and every case he’s put on his phone. The latest casualty was advertised as the thinnest iPhone 4 case that money could buy, and since my guy really likes things sleek and non-fussy, I thought it would work out great.

He cracked and shattered the whole thing apart in about 4 months. Yikes!

I wrote in to my friends at Cellairis and asked for some help picking a tough yet sleek new case for him and they sent three great candidates!

The first case is our personal favorite, called the Vespa, in Black. It has a sporty and sturdy look to it with a slick polycarbonate body and soft grips and trim. What I loved most about this case is the protective lip that helps keep your phone screen safe if you drop your phone or are prone to laying it down on its face (I’m definitely guilty of doing this!). I also love the soft covered volume buttons because it keeps dirt and fuzz from getting in and jamming up the nooks and crannies of your phone.



The Vespa keeps your phone nice and safe without the bulk and weight of larger case options so it works well for a guy who has to shove his phone into fitted jean pockets.

For $34.99 it’s the biggest investment of the three but is well worth its price. There are also lots of colors to choose from with this style. I love variety!






The second case we tried was a solid iPhone 4 case, the Tegmen Grip. It’s got a cool textured body and is made of tough material to help protect against all of life’s little bumps and bruises. This case is even slimmer than the Vespa but still delivers on its sturdiness and toughness. There is a little round window so you can still see the little Apple logo peeking through. It’s not hugely important for me to keep my Apple logo in view but I know there are people who really like that feature. There’s also a line called the Tegmen Flutter that has heart-shaped windows which is extra-adorable! I fell in love with those.

At $29.99, it’s, again, a fair price for what it does for your phone. Like, the Vespa, these also come in a huge variety of colors.




Finally, we tried out a celebrity iPhone case by Banana Beat, in Black. It’s the least expensive of the three at $19.99 and the most minimalistic. It’s all black except for the little yellow banana logo in the corner. It’s the thinnest and lightest case, I believe, and delivers the biggest “style-factor,” of the three.





To be fair, guys are a little rougher with their phones. They play games on them, use them as footballs, and shove them into their back pockets. These three choices were each different but worked great for the guy-on-the-go.

I hope you found our thoughts and experiences helpful and that you find the right case for you. Have a great day!

-Erin Renee

Check out Erin’s video review of Cellairis iPhone cases for the man in your life, below.

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