Are Your Photos Case Worthy? Let The Like Likers Be The Judge.

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We introduced you to our new custom case builder, Shout!  Now it’s time you met the Like Likers. We believe that every photo is worthy of putting on a case, but don’t take our word for it.  The Like Likers, our favorite art critics, will provide you feedback as you scroll through your Facebook photos, now nicely framed, in a fun, appealingly sophisticated manor.  Fortunately, the Like Likers are easy to impress.


iphone custom cases

Once you have found the perfect photos to design your case with, click the make my own case button. That will take you directly to Shout! to start designing or you can continue to have your ego boosted with more judging from the Like Likers. The entertainment these two fictional characters provide is endless.

What’s your favorite Like Likers quote so far?

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