Increased Security Coming for iPhone Users

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With all that the iPhone does, it is no wonder it is often considered a pocket-sized computer. We use our phones for just about everything, loading quite a bit of personal information inside. It is because of this reason, Apple has developed screen locks and password steps to act as a first line of defense for your personal information.

However, according to Dana Kerr’s article for Cnet, Apple might be taking the security of your iPhone to the next level. With a newly published patent, it is believed that newer iPhone models will have the capability to adjust the security of your phone based on your location.

Because locked screens and finger scanners are often seen as an unnecessary annoyance at home, Kerr says, “this technology can sense users’ locations and then modify their phone’s unlocking code — a smart lock, so to speak.”

“Because some locations may be inherently more secure, such as a user’s home or office, these locations may be considered ‘safe’ and require less stringent security,” Apple wrote in its patent application. “Conversely, some locations may be considered higher risk or ‘unsecure.’ In these locations, it can be desirable to implement stronger security protections.”

Whether any of this will actually play out in the next iPhone release or further down the line remains to be seen. With the next release date still off in the distance, it is important to keep your current iPhone in good working order.

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