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Iconic – famously and distinctively representative of its type. Glam, an abbreviation of glamorous – charmingly or fascinatingly attractive, especially in a mysterious or magical way. Iconic glam- put them together to complete your best look this season and you have an unrivaled combination of fashion and style.

Strive for something more, something excellent, something fearless. Introducing Iconic Glam, the latest collection from sister fashionistas, Elle & Blair. Packed with color and texture, this line features the classic Whimsical Fairytale design in two new colors, Blanc and Onyx. Iconic Glam also introduces new styles such as the Rebel, a case with smooth leather-like material and studded hardware in two color options, Dried Rose and Electric Blue. The new collection is perfect for those who are craving something exciting and unique. View the rest of the collection here. Which ones are you craving?

Iconic Glam- detailed dimension for every fashionista.


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