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Although fall doesn’t technically start until late September, it typically marks the end of summer vacation and the start of fall semester. But that doesn’t mean it’s all doom and gloom for the next 9 months until summer comes back around! There are plenty of activities to do this fall that will keep you so occupied, you will soon lose that summer nostalgia!

When is your town’s fall festival? If your town doesn’t have one, there will most likely be one in a city nearby. Fall festivals are usually large citywide gatherings where local artists and chefs set up tents to display their products. It’s great to go with friends and family to experience what the locals have to offer!

For all you football fans, this season is what you look forward to all year. Some of you enjoy getting hyped up at the tailgates every Saturday with thousands of your best friends to watch your college football team take the field. Others like to kick back on Sunday afternoon to watch NFL football as the best players in the world give it all they’ve got. Football is a pastime that overtakes almost every American household.

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It is never too early to start preparing for Halloween! You can start mapping out your costume idea and prepare it from scratch or start looking around at thrift shops for items that could be useful. A flowing green maxi skirt matched with that lacy purple bandeau you have could make a great mermaid costume!

As the days get cooler it will become more bearable to spend time outdoors. If you live near the mountains, why not get some friends together and rent a cabin for the weekend? It would be a great break for a three-day weekend once you start getting fatigued from work and school. Check out local deal sites to get the best price! Maybe you’ll score a cabin with a hot tub or a fire pit for the chilly nights! If renting a cabin is not a possibility for your friend group, then research the closest trail to you and take a day-long hiking trip! Get outdoors.

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