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I waited in anticipation for the release of the Flaming Couture line of Cellairis by Elle & Blair iPhone cases and I am so excited that they are here! What a perfect way to ring in the summer.

Cheerful beach colors, lemonade and beautiful sea-foam green ocean waves. These are some of my favorite things that come with summer and these are some of the inspirations behind the cases this season. Just looking at them in their boxes made me happy.

When I first saw it on the website, the Color Blocking phone cases in deep sea captures one of my favorite fashion trends right now and I absolutely love its shades of lavender and purple.

I love all things girly, so the Whimsical Fairytale cases, in Khaki, Sea Breeze and Strawberry easily stood out as favorites. I love how luxe and feminine these look and feel and I also like these cases for when I want just a hint of glitz.






If “full glitz” (“Toddlers & Tiaras,” anyone?) is what you’re looking for, two staple collections can satisfy your need for sparkle and glamour. The Twlight Glitz in Green Oviline is super trendy while Midnight Pink is fun and bright. (You all know how I feel about this case in Amethyst. I’m definitely a fan!).






The Summer Glow series for this season sparkles in all colors of the Rainbow. This case in Blazed is red hot while Sun Kissed (my favorite) is sweet and pretty. I wore it to my graduation and every time I looked down at it, I smiled. Plus, it looked great in photos!





In my video, I mentioned that the Preppy Plum case reminded me of a French-style kitchen that boasts bright blues, yellows, and oranges in its color scheme but it also feels nautical. The Citrus cases would work great to top off a bohemian look.

I know I’ll feel and look cheerful and motivated when I hit the gym with my Wave case. The multicolored pattern in this one and the Blue Wave are fun and unexpected.






When it comes to unexpected, the bright and bold colors as well as the neons in the Preppy Plaid collection inspire me to have fun and embrace my inner child this summer.

Another of my favorites from the website, the Wild Thing case in Midnight caught my eye because the rich, dark blue patent is paired with a flaming pink border while the Black Cherry case makes me feel sassy and ready for a summer night out with my girlfriends and then coming home and indulging in a bowl of crisp, tangy cherries, my favorite summer fruit. YUM.

I think Elle, Blair and Cellairis did a great job capturing the spirit of a young and free summertime. School is finally out now so I can’t wait to grab my new iPhone 5 case and get out to enjoy the sunny days and warm summer nights!

-Erin Renee

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