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Don’t get us wrong, shopping is a way of life for most of us. And while retail therapy is crucial, creating things yourself gives you a rewarding feeling that you do not always get while shopping (unless you score those amazing boots on sale). DIY projects are not only cheaper, but they give you the opportunity to personalize your things!

We have gathered a few ideas on how to reuse some of your items and add to your personal style!

Revamp your cutoffs

You’ve probably collected your fair share of cutoff shorts over the years due to those sweltering summers that roll around. Instead of buying yet another pair, why don’t you simply give your current ones a makeover? The Free People fashion blog shows a great way to update your old cutoffs.

Patterns and prints look great against denim, so go out and find some printed fabric that you like! Cut the fabric large enough to cover one side of your shorts, and use a safety pin to keep it in place. Use a needle and thread to sew the piece onto your shorts and trim the excess fabric as you go!

Fashion DIY: Cut Off Shorts

Source: Free People fashion blog

Criss-Cross Headband

Sometimes buying accessories is frustrating. It is hard to justify spending money on something that looks like you can make yourself! Well there are actually many simple ways to make cute things like headbands with any fabric lying around your house! Found on the blog Fine and Feathered, here is an adorable way to make a criss-cross style headband!

Find a strip of some sort of stretchy fabric and position the middle at the nape of your neck. Cross the strip on the top of your head once, and then twist it again. Then tie the ends of the strips together at the nape of your neck where you began.

You can either go through this process every time, or you can stitch the knot so it won’t unravel and you can easily throw it on!

DIY headband

Source: Fine and Feathered

Lace Earrings

Lace is the perfect material to add a bit of vintage class and elegance in your look. We’ve seen it added on to just about every piece of clothing, but have you ever thought about incorporating it into your accessories? Check out the blog The Cupcake Diary for their way of making lace earrings!

All you need is some lace trimming, scissors, and some jewelry making supplies such as earwires, jump rings, eyepins, jewelry pliers, and some beads if you want to add a little something extra!

DIY: Lace earrings

Source: The Cupcake Diary

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