Can You Teach Entrepreneurship?

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Can you teach entrepreneurship? The 8th graders enrolled in Exploring Entrepreneurship at Mint Hill Middle School believe you can. A few months ago, Cellairis received a letter from Hailey, a student in the entrepreneurship class, letting us know that she greatly admired Cellairis and our franchise system. We were humbled to say the least. Hailey’s letter continued on by telling us why she admired Cellairis and why she chose us to write her letter to. She also politely asked for a reply, but instead of simply replying, we sent one of our executives to visit the class in Matthews, NC! While Cellairis is in fact headquartered in Atlanta, we have franchises all over the country and wanted to show the folks of North Carolina some love. Our executive spoke about how Cellairis got its start, answered several questions from the inquisitive students and doled out useful business tips the students could take with them in the future. Hailey also received some Cellairis swag and each of the students took home a Shout! card to design their very own custom case.

Check out the class photo below. Good luck to all of you future entrepreneurs!


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  1. Honestly speaking, I think great Entrepreneurs are born with the talent. It’s brought out in their experiences and exposure in the real world. Doesn’t mean everyone can’t have run a successful business though.

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