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Along with the new look of Cellairis, introduced back in January, we have also completely refreshed, designed, and engineered our entire product portfolio. We are committed to growing with the industry and you.  In conjunction with our growth and discovery, we have identified some solutions to everyday lifestyle and mobile device tensions. We are excited to help solve these tensions by launching new products and services throughout 2014. Here’s a sneak peek:

Tension #1: Protection has to be bulky

We are tired of these large, bulky phone cases. Do they protect your phone? Sure. But do they fit your lifestyle? You’ve said no and we agree.

Solution: We have the answer to all of your ultimate protection needs with the upcoming launch of the Paladin. Constructed for durability, designed for individuality. Paladin is our ultimate protection case with a built-in screen protector in a slim, one-piece design. We know, we know, you want to know the actual specs…. wait for our official launch of this case and you will see; numbers don’t lie! This is sleek + protection at its best.

If you are aren’t fully committed to total protection but know that scratched up devices aren’t your thing, then the Trilogy cases are calling your name. These cases are fused together using three materials to create a stunning, one-piece case with a slim design allowing you to easily stash it in a pocket or clutch. Simply protection. Shop Now.














Tension #2: Boring and dull accessories

You wake up, throw on a nice outfit, and are ready for the day. You pick up your printed backpack or stylish clutch and throw in your phone accessorized with a plain, unattractive case. Seriously, you call that accessorizing? Why ruin your entire outfit when you can enhance your look with an eye-catching, personal accessory?

Solution: Match your phone case to your outfit and your personality. Some of you may not care about a super protective case and it only makes sense that your case matches who YOU are. Our DeBari collection houses the right choice for you. The Crystaria cases (formerly known as DeBari) and the Sterlyn line offer many design and style options to make your individuality pop. Crystaria cases can add the right amount of sparkle to any outfit with new designs and colors to choose from.

Sterlyn combines high quality materials and embellishments for a truly unique look. With so many options, these looks can match your personal style, whatever that may be. Techcessorize with DeBari.


Crystaria (formerly known as DeBari)












Tension #3: The need for sophistication

So you are worldly and modern. What’s the problem? Absolutely nothing. However, your flimsy, plastic phone case IS a problem. We are committed to designing accessories for all types of lifestyles and budgets. Affordable luxury for your phone is here.

Solution: Our solution comes in the form of materials. The world around us is a constant source of beauty and inspiration. Matter allows us to take the physical world that is so often overlooked and reinvent it into something bold, alluring, and unforgettable. This line features a wide variety of materials and styles including faux animal skin and fur, wood, and cork. Touch it, see it, feel it with Matter.

Our Bespoke collection uses exquisite materials as well, such as leather and suede, but with added utility or function.  These items cover the entire device and some are even designed with additional features like slots for credit cards, ID, and cash. Bespoke comes in a wide variety of materials with many unique form factors to choose from. Fashion meets function.














Look out for these exciting new lines coming soon!


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