So your phone has water damage…now what?

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Let’s face it, your phone is in danger everyday. Most of us have had some kind of run in with a wet phone and have been frustrated because we were told to buy a new one. Here are some quick tips for potential ways to fix this problem:

1. Remove your phone out of the water as quickly as possible and turn it off.

2. Take all the pieces of your phone apart and lay them out to dry.

3. Use a washcloth to gently wipe off any excess water.

4. Try using a handheld vacuum cleaner. Some people may suggest using a hair dryer, but DO NOT as it may force water further into the phone or even melt the pieces.

5. After you do this, then place your phone into a bowl of UNCOOKED rice overnight to absorb moisture.

6. After removing the phone from the rice, place on a towel and check if there is moisture on the towel every few hours. If there is, then repeat steps 4 and 5.

7. Test your phone after at least 24 hours. The longer you wait, the safer it is.

8. If it still does not work, take it to a Cellairis near you!

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