The Best Valentine’s Day Dates

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Valentine’s Day dates don’t always have to be about the girl (sorry, ladies). It is too often expected for the guy to bring home flowers, take his significant other to dinner and everything else in between. It should be about BOTH of you having fun together. This year try something different and decide on a date together with this fun idea…

Break the date into three parts: daytime/before dinner, dinner, and after dinner. Both of you write down two ideas for each section of the date (you will have 12 ideas total). Grab three hats or bowls you can throw the pieces of paper in to draw from.  Put all four “before dinner” options into the first, then the four “dinner” options in the second, and the four “after dinner” options in the third. Then draw one choice from each hat and you have an entire date that you planned together!

Here are some fun and creative ideas for each part of the evening!

Before Dinner

  • For those of you who like to work out, take a walk/run around the neighborhood together.
  • Walk to your local bar and grab a festive Valentine’s Day drink!
  • If you have gifts for each other, make it a treasure hunt! Hide clues in and around the house all leading up to   the gifts at the end!


  • Have a picnic at the park if the weather is nice.
  • Pick your favorite restaurant (Don’t forget to make a reservation!).
  • Cook a meal together at home.

After Dinner

  • Maybe your favorite band is in town for a stadium tour or there’s an awesome jazz band that is playing down the street… live music is always exciting!
  • Choose an artsy date and let your inner creative mind run free! Drink some wine at a paint studio, make some pottery, or visit a theater to see a play.
  • If you’re looking to save money or just feel like staying in,pop some popcorn and enjoy a movie at home!

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