Cellairis Cares: iPod Touch Fender Case Price Adjustment

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Every month we select a handful of reviewers to provide their honest opinion and review of a particular Cellairis product.  This month was no different. We sent out a few Cellairis iPod Touch Fender cases for review.  As expected, most of the reviews posted were fond of the protective iPod touch cases, designs, colors and materials.  However, to our surprise, the $34.99 price point was mentioned as a bit high in more than one video.

We really take into consideration what our reviewers, customers, fans and friends have to say about our products.  We never lose sight of the fact that we design our products to enrich the lives of your devices.  That being said, we would like to officially announce that the Cellairis iPod Touch Fender case is now $29.99.

A special thank you goes out to Max and Brad for their reviews of the Cellairis iPod Touch Fender case.  Take a second to check out their reviews of the case below.

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