Spend the Day with Dad – Father’s Day 2014

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Dads. We love them, we appreciate them, we have known them for our whole lives… so why is shopping for them so difficult? Father’s Day is the one day of the year reserved exclusively for dads and you want the gift to be great, right? Luckily men appreciate both kinds of gifts: the kind he can unwrap AND spending time with his favorite kiddos. So if you are struggling what to gift your dad this Father’s Day, check out these ideas he is sure to enjoy:

  1. Go to the ball park- Baseball season falls perfectly in line with Father’s Day. Kick back behind 1st base with your crackerjacks and enjoy some quality time. Don’t forget to bring your glove- you might get lucky!
  2. Explore the outdoors- Find the nearest mountain and climb it. Rent some kayaks and go to the river. Hit the driving range or golf a few holes. There is nothing more refreshing than taking a break from your busy life and spending the day outdoors, especially with the best guy in your life!
  3. Indulge in a steak dinner- You really cannot go wrong with this one. Every man appreciates a good quality steak! The effort you make to take him out to this delicious meal will show him just how much you care. Or better yet, break out your own grill and get mom to help! He will love it!
  4. Embrace his techy side – End the perfect day with the perfect gift to unwrap. Power tools? It’s the same every year.  What about a MODERN power tool? Get him what he really wants like a portable Bluetooth speaker  or a durable battery pack case that will come in handy for his active lifestyle. Feel free to throw in some extra charging cables because no one can get enough of those!

Let’s face it. Dad wants two things this year: to spend time with his family and to get something he will love. So make time to plan a special day with him. Comment below with your plans for Dad!

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