For The Love Of Cartoons, Graphics And Teamwork

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Ok, so maybe the cartoon images are a stretch, but if you take a look at the awesome Cellairis Graphics Team you might be able to see a little resemblance.  The key to both of the images? Teamwork.  This team individually could not be more different, yet together they work as an ensemble, cohesively designing and creating top tier innovations to keep Cellairis products relevant, protective and what you have all come to know and love, fashionable!

Graphics Team

Kim: I get in the groove when I put on my best earbuds, full bass and jam to some dancehall reggae and techno music! I received my initial inspiration for art as a child while creating and exploring the world around me. I was lucky enough to grow up around nature, and now most of my design elements stem from that – even the décor in my house! I just love green and earth tone colors!  -Coolz!

Fausto: I know many designers that get inspired by things they see. My inspiration is mostly generated from sounds and then translated into visuals. Music plays a big part in the way we create. Everyone should have a soundtrack to life. If I don’t respond to you it is probably because I cannot hear you over the beat in my ears! #LetsDoThis

Katie: I’ve always been interested in art, even when I was little.  When it comes to designing, I am inspired by fashion and the things that surround me.  I am definitely inspired and drawn to things with bright colors and vivid patterns. Did someone say, “Cupcakes?”  -It’s hot in here!

Jeff: I started my first band in the 6th grade and  began designing artwork for bands in junior high. It is something that stuck with me and I became fortunate enough to be able to make a career out of it! -ReallyGuys?


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