Looking for Best Budget Headphones? We’ve Got You Covered!

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If you have ever gone on a hunt for the best budget headphones you know that it can be an exhausting process. With so many factors to consider – price, sound quality, comfort and of course, style, how do you decide on the best iPhone headphones?

Because everyone has a different style and different preferences for how they enjoy rockin’ out to music, we have come up with a list of the best budget headphones.

Best iPhone headphones – sound for your buck – try the iLuv Stereo Headphones

Best iPhone Headphones


Best iPod headphones – good price with great bass – try Cellairis Metal Stereo Headphones

Best iPod Headphones


Top headphones – Light weight and comfortable for hours of listening – try the NoiseHush NX26

Best Budget Headphones


Hopefully, we can help the search for the best budget headphones be a little less painful with this list!




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  1. Those NoiseHush NX26 headphones are the best iphone headphones i’ve ever had. More than worth the price.

  2. Thanks for the post! I’ve been on a budget lately, but i’m now thinking about getting a new pair of headphones that are better than the regular ones that come with the iPhone.

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