Behind The Scenes – Sabi Music Video Shoot

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Do you remember the song “You Make Me Feel…” by Cobra Starship?  Here’s a hint, “La la la la la.” Bet you don’t know who the female vocalist is? OK, well if you read the title of this post you probably have a guess, and if you guessed Sabi, you’re right. You may have also heard her collaborations with Britney Spears or New Boyz.  If you’ve yet to experience the sounds of Sabi, today is your lucky day.

Thanks to our wonderful friends over at Warner Bros. we were able to be on set of Sabi’s latest music video shoot for her single, Wild Heart. Since music video shoots can last for hours we knew someone was bound to get hungry and you know how much we LOVE cupcakes!

Sabi Cupcakes

Check out the Sabi – Wild Heart (Official Behind The Scenes Video)

Pay close attention around the 2 minute mark!

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