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Every girl deserves to feel like a princess on prom night. Whether your style is super glam or trendy & bohemian, prom night is meant to be magical for every girl. Prom dress trends change every year, but we are here to make sure you end up on the best-dressed list! Here are some trends to expect this season:



This has been a popular trend on the red carpet this season.  You can go for mega glamour with a full metallic gown or don smaller, metallic details. A simple gown with some embellishments will make a big statement! However, metallic doesn’t have to steal the show. Pair a simple black dress with some metallic accessories for an understated, glam look.

Blush Tones with Bling


We know what you’re thinking… I can’t pull that off with my skin tone! “Barely there” colors can look great on any skin tone, but be prepared to try on many options before you find the perfect one. If you have fair skin we suggest a pink hue, while medium-colored skin tones should go for a lighter, beige base. If you are darker skinned, you can still pull of this look with a bronze-based dress.  With lighter toned dresses don’t be afraid to rock a red lip in order to channel that old Hollywood vibe.

Bold Necklines


This unique look will definitely make you stand out in the crowd. It is attention-getting without being too over-the-top. You can achieve this look with two different styles. The first is where the dress itself boasts the beautiful neckline. What do we love most about this type of dress? You don’t even need to buy a necklace to accessorize! However, if you are dying to accessorize, choose a simple, sweetheart shaped dress and pair it with a bold necklace to liven it up! With either style, wear your hair up to show off the gorgeous neckline.



Not only is ombre hair a popular look, but ombre prom dresses are in style as well! If you aren’t familiar, ombre refers to colors that gradually change from light to dark. This trend has transcended the seasons since last year. This is such a fun fashion statement because it looks fabulous with dark, light, or bright colors! So pick your favorite color and dance the night away!

No matter what dress you choose, make sure you are with great company and be ready to have a magical night!

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