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Hi guys! Today I have a fun post for you, 3 things I haven’t done in a while all in 1 post! It’s some nail art, a tutorial and a giveaway woohoo! A couple of weeks ago the owner of Pomegranate Nail Lacquer approached me and asked if I’d like to collaborate with her and Cellairis, a company that makes cell phone cases, on some nail art to match Cellairis cases using Pomegranate polishes. I said heck yes, I really love the polishes I’ve tried from Pomegranate and I’m also a big fan of Cellairis, I’ve had one of their cases on my phone (this one in case you’re wondering!) for months and I love it to pieces!

This is going to be a little series, I will be doing nail art to match 3 cases in total along with the giveaway today and 1 more giveaway coming up! I thought it would be fun to also show you how I did the manicure in case you want to recreate it!

The first phone case I used as inspiration is from the Elle & Blair Collection of cases and it’s called Whimsical Fairytale in the color Sea Breeze. I picked this case because I love the quilted look it has to it along with the rhinestone details…plus the color is to die for, it matches my car!

The color I used for the manicure is Beach House from Pomegranate Nail Lacquer. I used it for both the base and top of the quilting pattern, for the base I mixed a little bit of Beach House with a white polish. I lightened it enough that you could see the pattern but not so light that it stuck out like a sore thumb!


Here is the manicure with the Cellairis phone case, it’s a pretty good match I think!


Below is the manicure and case out in the sun, depending on the lighting the case and polish go between blue and green.


Pomegranate Nail Lacquer can be purchased at PomegranateLacquer.com for $9 a bottle! Cellairis phone cases can be purchased at Cellairis.com, the prices range depending on the case….Whimsical Fairytale retails for $27.99.

To see how I did this manicure and to enter to win your own Whimsical Fairytale case and bottle of Pomegranate Nail Lacquer in Beach House click the read more button below!


Tutorial Time! Hope you guys like my little collage 😀

What you’ll need:

  • 1-2 polishes of your choice, I used Pomegranate Beach House and mixed it with white for the lighter base color. You can use anything, I think this would look awesome with 2 contrasting colors!
  • Striping Tape, you can find this on ebay for very cheap. If you don’t want to buy that you could also cut scotch tape into very thin pieces.
  • Sparkly bits! I used nail art rhinestones I got at a local supply shop. You can find these on ebay and even at Sally Beauty Supply. You could also get them at your local craft store but I find that they usually don’t have rhinestones as tiny as the ones meant for nail art. Don’t like rhinestones? Try using big pieces loose glitter instead, it would look great also!
  • A dotting tool, you’ll use this to apply the rhinestones. You can buy sets of dotting tools on ebay again for very cheap. If you don’t want to invest in dotting tools you could use anything with a round end, like a bobby pin or a toothpick.
  • Top coat, any kind you like. You’ll use this to stick the rhinestones on.
  • A cutting tool, you’ll need this to cut your striping tape. I like to use cuticle nippers but scissors work just fine too.

Step 1:

Apply striping tape in a criss cross pattern onto your nail. Make sure you leave the striping tape long past your nail so you can grab it to remove the tape after you paint on your top color.
Some tips for this from my trial and error…if you don’t get this right the first time don’t give up! It took me more than a couple tries to get good lines!
  • Make sure your base color is 100% dry, the tape will pull the polish off if it’s not dry.
  • Go over the tape several times with a finger to make sure it is completely flat to the nail so polish doesn’t seep underneath it. I like to go over it with an orange stick to really make sure there are no air bubbles.
  • Remove the tape immediately after you paint your top color over it. Removing the tape while the polish is wet will give you a clean line.
  • Let the manicure dry before applying your top coat so you don’t smudge your crisp lines!


Step 2:
Paint your top color over the striping tape, immediately after your paint on your top color on pull off the striping tape. You want to pull the tape off while the polish is wet so that you get crisp lines. What you’re left with should look like the photo below. If you don’t want to bedazzle this manicure you could stop here, I was absolutely in love with how this looked on it’s own!

Step 3:
Apply your sparkly bits! To do this I pour my rhinestones onto the top of an upside paper cup, you could use a paper plate…whatever works for you! Next to the rhinestones I dab a little bit of top coat.
To place the rhinestones take your dotting tool and dip it into your puddle of top coat, put a dot of the top coat onto your nail where you want the rhinestone to be. Next take your dotting tool and pick up a rhinestone, the top coat left on the dotting tool will grab it. Then you just put your rhinestone on top of the dot of top coat you put onto your nail…very easy! To make the manicure last longer you can put a layer of top coat over the entire nail once you’re done putting all the rhinestones where you want them.
Here is your final result! Hope the tutorial is helpful and easy to follow! If you have any questions please let me know in the comments!
Last but not least…the giveaway! Cellairis and Pomegranate Nail Lacquer sent over an extra Whimsical Fairytale phone case for the iPhone 4/4s and bottle of Beach House polish for me to give to you! I’ve also decided to throw in some striping tape and rhinestones so the winner can use everything I did to make their nails match their phone case!Rules for the giveaway and how to enter are after the photo below!

  1. Giveaway is open to US and Canada residents ONLY, sorry to my lovies from other countries, the USPS has crazy restrictions on mailing nail polish and while I love you to bits I just cannot chance getting in trouble  🙁
  2. Giveaway starts today, October 9th and ends on October 17th at 12:01 EST.
  3. Winner will be chosen at random by Rafflecopter and has 72 hours from the time I email them to claim their prize. If no response is received a new winner will be chosen!
  4. The phone case in this giveaway is for the iPhone 4 or 4s…if you have another kind of phone it will not fit. You cannot exchange the case for a different one, sorry!
  5. You may only do the entries on the Rafflecopter widget below once, I will check IP and email addresses, people entering more than once will be disqualified.
  6. Please make sure you read the long winded terms & conditions for this giveaway here: http://www.thepolishaholic.com/p/giveaway-terms-conditions-cellairis.html
Ways to enter:
  • You must enter via the Rafflecopter widget below. Entires left in the comments will not count.
  • Mandatory Entry: Tell me your favorite iPhone app, I thought this would be fun since the case I’m giving away is for an iPhone. I’m always looking for fun new apps to kill time with!
  • Mandatory Entry: Enter the email address that is best to contact you at if you win!
  • Optional Entry: “Like” The PolishAholic on Facebook
  • Optional Entry: Follow The PolishAholic on Twitter 
  • Optional Entry: Tweet about this giveaway, the required tweet will be in the Rafflecopter widget when you click on that option.
That’s it everyone, hope you enjoyed this post and good luck if you enter the giveaway!
Disclaimer: The Pomegranate Nail Lacquer used in this post and the bottle for the giveaway was provided by the company. I was also provided a cell phone case from Cellairis to create my look from along with a free case to give away to you guys!
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